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Unique and personal creations come to life by the use of natural material that blends to create warm and materic jewelry.

Jewelry design unique and personal suitable for any time

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Art to live, natural material to wear

Bronze, silver, semi-precious stones and other natural elements come to life in the small wearable sculptures by Elena Camilla Bertellotti… different materials blending harmoniously to achieve, in addition to the aesthetic quality of the jewellery, their best wearability.

The research on expressive forms of contemporary jewellery by Elena Camilla Bertellotti is known for reinterpreting the rules of the Florentine goldsmith tradition - from which it technically derives - to achieve the creation of rings, earrings and necklaces with a new creative style and a recognizable design.

Art to live, natural material to wear


memories and future

Few people know that when I abandoned gold and started making bronze and silver jewels, in the early 2000s, I proposed them together with a thought: a small poem, simple words to support the meaning - at least for me - of the jewel that I proposed, which was no longer the economic one but a value linked to the form of the same. It was a small gift [...]

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